Website News

Officer Positions Available

Some time back, I advertised on the list about several offices being available in the Webministry as we try to move from being website maintenance and design only to moderators of a Lochmere internet presence. These are the offices I mentioned:

  • Social Media Officer: Will assist with the operation of Lochmere’s social media tools including (at present): The Lochmere News feed, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Video Officer: Will edit and prepare video media for the Lochmere YouTubefeed.
  • Graphic Design Officer: Is Responsible for creating artwork for the Lochmere website, social media presence, and/or The Dredgings in conjunction with the needs of the respective officers.

I also need a Website Deputy, which is basically at this point someone who knows XHTML and how to use WordPressexternal link. Someone who knows how to make websites look good on smartphones would be a plus, as that is my lingering project. Expect gratitude from only me.

Once again, the Webministry is (ideally) not like other offices. It works best with a team of individuals with strengths in different areas. Being a ‘deputy’ in the Webministry does not make you my underling as much as my partner.

Website Updates

Quick list of updates made to the site over the past month or so. This being Unevent season, I can’t guarantee there won’t be more.

  1. Add the page for Midwinter’s Revel: ‘Oh! The Scandalous Shenanigans!’ (29 October).
  2. Added the August, September, October, and November issues of The Dredgings to the The Dredgings page. They were already available via the News page and the “News” feed on the sidebar, but this puts them into an orderly list (1 November).
  3. Re-enabled the “News Archive” on the sidebar (1 November).
  4. A number of updates to the Order of March page (19 November).*
  5. Uploaded a modified version of our background image so that it should not repeat on high-resolution displays. The exception is its behavior on smartphones, but smartphones are of the devil anyway. If you are still experiencing the issue of the background repeating, please send me an e-mail or Facebook message with your screen resolution (20 November).

* Our Order of March is not currently accurate according to last year’s revision of Kingdom Heraldic law, which eliminated precedence for Orders of High Merit and Orders of Merit. Orders of High Merit now have the same precedence as Grants of Arms rather than more precedence, and Orders of Merit have the same precedence as Awards of Arms rather than more precedence. I will attend the Herald’s meeting at Unevent to see if there has been any progress in reverting the law, and then afterward likely throw a fit about re-organizing the whole page.