December Webminister’s Report


We had 215 visits to the site this month, 163 of them unique. Top referrers are:

  1. Direct (typing in the address manually or via bookmark)
  2. Google
  3. Atlantia
  4. The Acorn
  5. The SCA

A fuller sampling of our analytics may be found in this PDF: Lochmere Website Analytics – November 2012. Interestingly (to me), the most frequently used screen resolution is that of the iPhone.


The following are recent changes I have made to the site:

  • Updated Avice’s OP entry to reflect her induction to the Opal and receipt of the Undine at Battle on the Bay. I also added the opal to her device image. I likewise updated the OP according to the old ways to reflect her Opal.
  • By request, created a discussion list for the officers, hosted on our servers rather than Yahoo! servers.
  • Added Combo Night on the 11th to the Calendar.
  • Added ‘Next 14 Days in Lochmere’ to the sidebar. As a result of this, I disabled the Categories coloring that was previously used on the calendar so our sidebar would not look like a Christmas tree (Humbug!).
  • Corrected the starting time for Fighter Practice to 6:30 PM instead of 11:58 AM!
  • Did something to Lisette’s OP entry.
  • Removed Sir Aelfred from the Officers page, and added Lady Avice as a Deputy Chatelaine.
  • Added the class descriptions Lady Lisette posted to the list to the Mid-Winters flyer.
  • Removed Google+ from the “Follow Us” area of the sidebar until Google gets a hold of their lives or I get a Google+ officer. I also added the words “External Links” to the “Follow Us” area to be in conformance with Society policy.

At the time of the composition of this report, I am unaware of a copy of The Dredgings for December, so the most recent issue on the website will be November’s. For other activity that took place in November, please see my previous post: Website News (20 November).

Social Media

At the time of this report, we are following 20 accounts on Twitter, and have 16 followers. The latest account we are following is the Kingdom of AtlantiaExternal Link. The Facebook page has 66 likes, up 1.54% from last month. Our biggest day was 20 November, with 39 people reached.

I corrected a problem with the Twitter account that made it not post tweets to our Facebook page. All future tweets should now also be mirrored on the Facebook page.

Obviously (I hope), my goal is to improve these social media numbers, but I will need help from the populace. Anyone who would be interested in assisting with our social media initiatives should contact me.


The most interesting thing to come out of Unevent regarding Webministry is that any event or activity posted to any medium with the words “Lochmere” or “SCA” or any other word indicating a somewhat official tie to the SCA is considered an official activity. Mostly this is not a problem except that all activities involving martial activity (heavy fighting, rapier fighting, archery, throwing weapons, etc.) must have both a marshal and waivers on hand. This includes all activities posted to the Lochmere List, our Facebook page, our Twitter account, our official website, or even the Facebook group. This also includes practices like the two archery practices we hold. To me, this is less a Webministry issue and more a marshal and event planning issue.