Annual Events

Lochmere Events

The Barony of Lochmere holds four regular events each year in addition to any Kingdom or Known World events.

Arts & Science Events

Lochmere holds a Midwinter celebration annually, normally in January, in which Their Excellencies select a new Arts & Sciences Champion.

Rapier and Combat Archery Events

Lochmere hosts Atlantia’s premiere rapier event, Night on the Town, normally in April. At Night on the Town, Their Excellencies select a new Rapier Champion to serve the Barony.

Target Archery Events

Annually as the summer season begins, Lochmere hosts On Target, a target archery event in which Their Excellencies select their Archery Champion.  Usually held in May or June.

Heavy Fighting Events

Each year, the Barony celebrates its Baronial Birthday and holds a heavy fighting and rapier fighting tournament in the honor of the Barony. It is at these Baronial Birthday celebrations that Their Excellencies select their Baronial Champion.