Night on the Town (2024)

Date: April 20th

Site: Severn Christian Church 8132 New Cut Rd Severn MD, 21144

Site Restrictions: Dry Site, Service Animals Only

Martial Activities: Cut and Thrust, Rapier, Archery, and Thrown Weapons

Arts and Sciences: Classes, Open Display, Largess Derby, and Italian Piece 1230-1600

Event Steward: Marguerite de Lyon (marguerite.de.lyon.sca@gmail.com)

Welcome to the grand celebration of Lochmere’s reinvestiture! Where we are celebrating Their Excellencies Letia and Linhart continuation as Baronage.

On this day we will be paying homage to the Italian Festival – Palio de Ferrara. In the Medieval period this festival began by celebrating an investiture and then continued on each year much to the excitement of the city. Each of the eight districts of Ferrara would celebrate their competitors in the day’s horse race around the city wall or other activities.

In this spirt we have defined a City of Lochmere with her Four Districts. Participants, prepare to cheer on your chosen district in the days activities. Pick between Granachio (Blue Crab), Freccia D’Oro (Golden Arrow), Quercia (Oak Tree), Aquila (Green Eagle). Whether you find yourself drawn to the coastal charm of Granchino District, the noble prowess of the Freccia D’Oro District, the ancient strength of Quercia District, or the soaring majesty of the Aquila District, you’ll find a comradery and revelry on this day.