Largesse Derby – Submit 5 items representing each district (Golden Arrow, Blue Crab, Green Eagle, and Black and White Oak) and on representing all districts or Lochmere. Their Excellencies will choose a winner.

Artists of the Palio – Enter any Italian Piece from 1230 – 1600.


11:00 AM – 14th Century Italian Secular Vocal Music: An Overview by Mistress Arianna Morgan

This class provides students with an overview of the musical and poetic characteristitcs of three popular vocal music genres of 14th Century Italy. Listening examples will be provided. 

1:00 PM – Arts and Science Solar – Bring a project, your questions, or just your self! Come have a seat and share a project or some company while we chat about various A&S topics. 

2:00 PM – Dancing with Lady Sonya Flicker (Patches)