Oyez! Oyez!

Lochmart is opening its doors Once Again at Night on the Town: April, 2024!

Do you have gently used SCA-appropriate items that you no longer want or need? Why not sell them at Lochmart at Night on the Town? We do not charge a consignment fee to sell 
your stuff.

For those of you who have not had the Lochmart experience, here is how it works:

– Bring your gently used SCA-appropriate items to the event site on either Friday night before 10:00 a.m. on April 20th

– Ensure that your items are clean and in good repair. Bring hangars for clothing.

– Attach a price tag and include the amount you want for the item and your name.

– Our friendly staff will complete a sales tally sheet for you and ask you if you are willing to accept checks.

You may:

– Keep the money
– Donate it to the Barony or
– Donate it to the American Cancer Society or any combination thereof.

At the end of the day, come collect your money and any items that didn’t sell.

Please consider:

Donating an hour of your time to help staff the “Mart”. If you are willing, please let me know!

Loaning us a garb rack and/or giving us your recycled plastic grocery bags.