Baronial Encampment at Pennsic

Pennsic is an annual large (approximately 10k people) two week long SCA event in Slippery Rock, PA, where most participants camp. There are some hotels nearby, used by some people, but they fill up quickly.

There is “group” camping and “singles” camping.  Most people prefer group camping because it is easier to share accommodations within a group – and more fun to camp with friends. Each group will have different accommodations, rules of conduct, and other expectations of the camp. 

There are different regions where camps can be set up and these regions are organized by blocks. Multiple groups camp in a single block and groups are allowed to camp in their blocks  based on seniority. The land agent for the group helps set the boundaries for the group’s land during land grab. The general regions have names, for example the serengeti , the bog, and rune stone hill. 

Lochmere is a very old established camp in an area known as the Serengeti on block N19. It is conveniently located near the battlefield, merchants, and the food court.  We have water access but no power access. We have no tree shade, but also no bug or poison ivy issues and flat land that doesn’t flood.

Lochmere camp has a well established community infrastructure. A large 20*30 community day shade at the entrance – complete with tables and banners and lighting via candles and oil lamps. It is a beautiful area and can be a great way to escape the heat or rain or simply hang out. There are also two shower stalls and a wash sink with hot and cold running water. There is also a “garage tent” where set up supplies and armor is stored through the war to keep the encampment looking nice.

Lochmere does not have a group food plan and does not have a communal kitchen, but small groups are welcome to create their own food plans or create “kitchens” within their land allotment. The Cooper’s store has bags of ice which kids will often deliver to folks in camp for a small fee or tip. The store also has fresh food, similar to a  small farmers market, as well as basic supplies. There is a food court area near the Merchants (including ice cream). There are also Walmarts, grocery stores, and laundromats about 20 mins from the site.

There is a “coffee plan” for anyone who would like to join it. If you bring a bag of coffee to share you can partake in the coffee station which Master Raynard (Ernie) generously keeps running in the mornings.  

Ernie/Reynard is the camp Steward and organizes the layout. In order to have space in the Lochmere camp you must contact the camp steward. with a courtesy copy to . After you have done so, you must pre-register on the Pennsic website ( and sign up under Lochmere (not Barony of – just Lochmere). Dimensions of your tent and any special requests are sent to Ernie/Reynard email.  

Pennsic designates that each individual gets 250 square feet of land. This land includes land for ropes (depending on your ropes that can be 1-3 additional feet per side) and any day shades attached to your tent. Multiple individuals (including children) staying in the same tent add to the allowed space of that tent (i.e. two individuals staying in one tent have 500 square feet of land for that tent; three individuals staying in one tent have 750 square feet of land for the tent; etc.). If your budget allows, you are encouraged to purchase an extra adult space to contribute to the “common areas” within the camp (Shower, firepit, storage tent, and community/Baronial tent).

If the square footage of your tent exceeds the space you have been allotted, you will need to buy an additional Pennsic registration known as a ghost. Ghosts must be adult full priced registration (you cannot buy a cheaper children’s registration but you can buy a single week as your ghost). Ghosts can have any name – some choose friends or family members that are not coming to Pennsic (or even pet names). Be sure to let Ernie know that you have a ghost and the name of the ghost. 

Other than having enough space allotted for your tent’s footprint and ropes, there are no tent requirements for Lochmere’s encampment. Period and canvas tents tend to be set up to be more front facing to give a better overall historic appearance to the main entrance of camp. Modern camping tents are welcome, although many people prefer canvas due to how nylon tents trap the heat. There is a wealth of knowledge about tents that work well at Pennsic and sometimes even tents that can be borrowed. (If you wish to borrow a tent, please contact the camp steward).  It’s a good idea to reach out to experienced Pennsic goers in the Barony if this is your first Pennsic and you have tent questions. 

Camp fees help pay for the cost of maintenance of the community infrastructure propane for the water heater, transportation fees, common area lighting, and firewood. A box truck is rented to transport camp infrastructure. The rental truck often has extra space. Individuals camping with Lochmere may use the rental truck to transport personal pavilions. Last year, the camp fee was approximately $60. The amount varies yearly depending on actual costs.

The rental truck picks up infrastructure in two locations: southern Lochmere and central/northern Lochmere. This is usually on the Thursday before land grab (the first day of Pennsic where land agents negotiate the space on the block). If you are able to help pack the truck at either location it is appreciated, as many hands make light work.

Because the costs of gas and rental vehicles change yearly and the number of people in the camp affects how those costs are distributed, the camp fee changes yearly and is calculated at the beginning of Pennsic. Please see Master Raynard (Ernie) when you arrive at camp to pay your camp fee  There is a Facebook group to organize camp and with announcements.

Any member of the Barony – past or present is welcome to camp with Lochmere. Additionally, anyone who is friends-of or connected to the Barony may also camp with the Barony. We only ask that you be respectful of everyone’s personal property and boundaries.

Reach out if you have any questions!
Thanks and we hope to see you at camp !

Blue star marks where Lochmere typically is located. 
This map is subject to yearly changes.