Classes Announced for Midwinters Revel

Lady Lisette la Rouxe has posted the ‘final’ class list for Lochmere’s Midwinters Revel 2013: ‘Oh! The Scandalous Shenanigans!’ or, as I like to call it, “It’s Lady Christiana’s World and We’re Just Here to Learn (and I’m okay with that).”

The full course-listing with descriptions, fees, etc., along with all of the other information associated with the event are available on the event page, but the following is a quick run-down.

Lady Christiana Iarina Chaikinaia is coming to educate you with The Down and Dirty Oil Lamp Class at 10 am, Basic Russian Clothing for Men and Women at 1 pm, and Introduction to Hand Sewing and Embroidery at 2 pm. You thought I was kidding about just being here to learn, didn’t you?

Rounding out the morning, Mistress Arianna Morgan will teach A Comparison of 14th and 16th Century Madrigals (I hear it’s fa-la-la-abulous) and Lady Lucia Thaylur will teach Introduction to Early Period Embroidery at 11 am.

In the afternoon, we will also have Shakespeare’s Original Pronunciation (sheyk-speer) taught by Master Corun MacAnndra at 2 pm and Liz’s Lucet-less Lucet taught by Lady Elisabeth Henley at 3pm.

Whether you prefer the fiber arts or the performing arts, this is just a sample of the many things happening at Midwinters Revel. So send in your reservations if you have not already.

I, for one, am very interested in the Russian Clothing class, as should anyone who has ever seen Lady Christiana’s family’s garb. What class are you most looking forward to, Lochmere?