January Webminister Report

Full Report — Barony of Lochmere Webminister Report – Dec 2013

This month in the Lochmere Webministry, I have a volunteer for emergency website deputy and I have done a major overhaul on the website. The full report contains full details on the new features and purposes of our website, our social media presence, and the beginnings of a plan for a social media initiative.

Emergency Deputy. Frau Annalies Gabriels has volunteered to be my emergency website deputy. Her duties, if approved, will only extend to the website.

Website Redesign. I intend to make a better announcement of this in the near future, but the website has been redesigned. The major features of the redesign are a mobile-ready theme, more informative links for sharing, a redesigned front page and widgets area, and a new Research category. The goal of the redesign is to make the website more accessible and attractive to newcomers first.

Social Media. We had a better month in social media, gaining 7 new Facebook likes and 9 new Twitter followers. I have begun research into a social media plan aimed at attracting college-educated individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 to the SCA. This initiative begins with the website and uses social media platforms as a portal to our website and the SCA.

Help Wanted!

With all this gearing up, I am looking for help from the populace as a whole and from individuals in specific. For the populace, if you are on Facebook or Twitter, like/follow us and share us with your networks. For individuals who are interested in getting more involved in the SCA, I would encourage you to consider being either a content curator, researcher, or social media deputy. I promise you will not go unrewarded.