Midwinter’s Revel Royal Court Report

Unto the Populace of Atlantia,

Herein begins the report for the court of Their Royal Majesties, Vladimir and Kalisa, Tsar and Tsaritsa of Atlantia, held this evening, the 19th of January Anno Societatis XLII, in Their Barony of Lochmere at the event Midwinters Revel. Their Royal Majesties opened first with a welcome to all before summoning forward the children of Atlantia. After instructing the children to chase the man with the box, Their Royal Majesties unleashed the children upon the great toy quest.

Their Royal Majesties next summoned Lady Oliva Isabelle from the Barony of Caer Mear. After commending Lady Oliva for her work as Royal Scrivener, Their Royal Majesties made Lady Oliva a Companion of the Coral Branch.

Next Their Royal Majesties called forward Genevieve Dompier Du Marche to commend her for her diligent work in support of the Barony and award her arms.

Laird Seanne Alanysn was next summoned into Their Royal Majesties’ presence. For his service to Atlantia and the Shire of Roxbury Mill, Laird Seanne was inducted into the Order of the Opal.

Following this, Their Royal Majesties bid the newcomers of Atlantia to come forward. After thanking them for coming and commending them as the future of Atlantia, Their Royal Majesties presented each newcomer with a Spike token.

Their Royal Majesties next called for Lady Madeleine Rose de Cardeville. They commended Lady Madeleine on her leadership of a commedia troupe (Gli Zelanti), and inducted her into the Order of the Coral Branch.

Next Their Royal Majesties summoned Lady Errenach the Lost of Lochmere. After praising her efforts in the commedia troupe, Their Royal Majesties made Lady Errenach a Companion of the Opal.

It pleased Their Royal Majesties to called Elena Margarida de la Vega y Serrano into Their court, to commend her efforts in the support of Lochmere, and to award her arms.

Their Royal Majesties next called forward the youths, Nikolai Kievski, Sabina Claremond, Gunnar Bloodax, Joseph Galmrson, and Alasandra de Leon. For their exemplary acts of service—many of the youths came directly from the kitchen—these youths were award the Hippocampus.

Following this, Their Royal Majesties gave leave to Their Excellencies, Galmr and Eydís, Baron and Baroness of Lochmere, to conduct court. When Their Excellencies’ court had concluded, Their Royal Majesties concluded court with one last matter.

It pleased Their Royal Majesties in the morning to place on vigil Baroness Elizabeth Harlyn from Their Barony of Storvik to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican. As the last matter of Their court, Their Royal Majesties summoned Baroness Elizabeth Harlyn and the Order of the Pelican. After receiving testimonies from representatives of the Rose, the Chivalry, the Laurel, and the Pelican, and after receiving Baroness Elizabeth’s oath, Their Royal Majesties found it fitting to elevate her to the Order of the Pelican, Mistress Elizabeth Harlyn.

Their being no further business, Their Royal Majesties closed Their court.

Update: Following the evening feast, Their Royal Majesties opened another court heralded by Bantiarna Shannon inghean Bhriain uí Dhuilleáin in which they presented Marcus Galmrson with an award of the Hippocampus.