Court Report: Night on the Town 2007

Court Report: Night on the Town 2007

Afternoon Court of Valharic and Arielle

Their Majesties invited Lochmere to hold their Baronial court.

Court of Vladimir and Medb

Their Excellencies, Vladimir and Medb, Baron and Baroness of Lochmere, gave three awards:

Royal Court Resumed

That being concluded, their majesties called forth all newcomers to the event, and gave to each a scroll welcoming them.

Their Majesties also called forth the children of Atlantia, to give them give them gifts.

Further, the following awards were presented:

  1. Lady Ingeborg í Þrándheimi — Order of the Coral Branch
  2. Lady Isolda de Crosthwaite — Order of the Opal
  3. Annalies GabrielsAward of Arms
  4. Lord Mikhail Chaika Pavlov syn Novgorodets — Order of the Coral Branch
  5. Antonio di Capizzi — Order of the Sea Dragon
  6. At this point, Her Majesty took time to recognize the courtesy that Kenji Yoshimoto displayed upon the field and provided him a set of garters in appreciation for the example that he had set.
  7. Lord Geoffrey Clwyd — Order of the Coral Branch
  8. Padre Quinto Formaggio — Order of the Opal
  9. Brian de MorrayAward of Arms
  10. Dan of Lochmere — Award of the Shark’s Tooth
  11. Lady Tonwen ferch MorienCourt Barony
  12. Baroness Medb ingen Brain — Order of the Golden Dolphin [Scroll Awarded]

Court was closed

Feast Court of Valharic and Arielle

His Majesty Valharic, greatly impressed with the feast provided by Sir Xenophon Vaughn, did make the following award: Sir Xenophon Vaughn — King’s Award of Excellence.


Lord Kynnyth Pyke heralded the Royal Courts.

The Royal Court Report was copied with only minor changes from the original court report posted to the Merry Rose. Baronial Court Report was compiled from the Kingdom Order of Precedence. Any discrepancy in matters of precedence is to be decided in favor of the original court report as submitted to the Kingdom.


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