Order of the Eagle’s Feather

The Order of the Eagle’s Feather

Vert, on a chevron above an eagle's head erased argent, two feathers sable

Achievement on the field of battle might establish a kingdom and can lead to great renown. Good works and faithful service will strengthen a kingdom and lead to noble repute. But these accomplishments are the sole province of the individual, transitory and fading as the years pass. It is through the arts and sciences that the historical greatness of a society is built. Through excellence in their chosen areas, these gentles have greatly advanced the arts and sciences within the Barony of Lochmere. We are therefore minded to induct the following gentles into the Order of the Eagle’s Feather.

Unknown Precedence

The following individuals were inducted into the Order on unknown dates. The Webminister gladly welcomes any information as to when these awards were bestowed and will also happily inform the Clerk of Precedence of the Kingdom Atlantia as well.

By Order of Precedence

In Alphabetical Order