Order of the Crab’s Claw

The Order of the Crab’s Claw

A pair of crab claws azure maintaining between them a sword gules

The degree to which the Barony excels upon the field of battle is a direct result of our proficiency in the various weapons forms, both heavy and light, also combat & target archery. The success that we achieve is a direct result of the martial skills exhibited by the members of our populace. Achieving proficiency in these skills is a personal effort & is possible only through a high degree of individual dedication and long hours of training. Whereas these gentles have greatly advanced the level of martial skill within the Barony of Lochmere, & thereby the Kingdom of Atlantia, we are thus minded to induct these gentles now into the Order of the Crab’s Claw.

Unknown Precedence

The following gentles were inducted into the Order on unknown dates. The Webminister gladly welcomes any information as to when these awards were bestowed and will also happily inform the Clerk of Precedence of the Kingdom of Atlantia as well.

  • Álvaro Rodrigo de León
  • Ælfgar Greyseas
  • Ivan Borisovich of Volchevo Lesa
  • Jaudin Guillaume
  • Kynnyth Pyke (as Cynwrig ap Rhys)
  • Reynard de la Rochefoucauld
  • Roark of Hydra Hall
  • Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen
  • William of Lochmere
  • Xenophon Vaughn

By Order of Precedence

In Alphabetical Order