Website Renovations ‘Complete’

The first round of website renovations is complete. By first round, I mean everything I was planning to take care of that didn’t involve the mobile version (which is a continuing thorn). I believe you’ll find a fairly pleasing sample on the redone Officers page.

Everything looks fine in the way that I’ve tested it unless I resize my window to an uncomfortably small degree (don’t do it). If anyone experiences any problems with the site when the window isn’t all scrunched up, please let me know off-list and I’ll look into them.

If you are an officer and would like to submit a picture for use on the Officers page, please feel free. With the exception of Their Excellencies, I have an image in use for every officer from whom I have received a permission form. If you have not submitted a permission form and would like to have an officer photo, please feel free to submit one from here: