Fighting at Night under the Town

Do you like fighting? I like fighting. If you like rapier fighting you probably should come to Lochmere’s Night Under the Town, March 30th at Elks Camp Barrett.

Symone de la Rochelle and I have a very busy day planned for you.

MOL opens at 9AM, Authorization start at 9:15AM sharp. If you need an authorization contact one or both of us so we can anticipate numbers.

The first fighting will kick off at 10AM as a way of getting the two teams settled and used to working together. At 10:45 we will take a break for the signing of the Tontine, a contract in which the final survivor will take home a chest of goodies. If you wish to participate you must bring something to donate to the chest. It doesn’t have to be an extremely valuable possession, a length of trim, a hand full of nice beads or buttons works, the true prize is the chest itself. If you don’t want to participate we’ll find something for you to do. Trying to win the Tontine will be more interesting however.

After we finish the signing and we’ve taken a look at the teams we will get started with fighting in the woods. First will include combat archery so bring your bows. After that is concluded we will take a break highlighted by a Free Scholar prize. Then at 1:30 it’s back to the woods for 90 minutes of a resurrection flag melee. We will swap positions at the 45 minute mark. We are making some changes from previous years so everyone gets a good workout on both sessions.

Somewhere around 3:30 – 3:45 we will finish the day with a grand melee in the town of Smeewick. Seems some of you don’t want to wait the 20-30 years for your compatriots to kick off so you can be the last survivor so you take matters into your own hands. Of course brawling in the streets is illegal so don’t get caught by the constables. Last survivor that is not in jail wins the prize.

So, the simplified schedule looks like this:

  • 9:00 AM MOL Table opens
  • 9:15 AM Authorizations
  • 10:00 AM Team Building Exercises
  • 10:45 AM Town Muster
  • Signing of the Tontine
  • 11:15 AM Woods Melee
  • Noon Free Scholar Prize
  • 1:30 PM Woods Battle
  • 3:30 PM Grand Melee around the Cabins

The really simple schedule is:

  • Check in
  • Fight
  • Fight
  • Fight
  • lunch
  • Fight
  • Fight

Come on out and join us!

Alric The Mad
KM, Lochmere

(Reposted by request)