Court Report: Masters of Defense 2004

Court Report: Masters of Defense 2004

The Court of Ælfgar and Aryanna

Greetings unto all far and wide unto whom these presents come from Lord Michel von Schönsee, Lochmere Cornet!

This weekend past, on September 11, 2004, in the Barony of Lochmere, an event was held known as the Masters of Defense. Their Excellencies, Baron Ælfgar and Baroness Aryanna, did choose to hold a court, herein lies the business conducted therein.

Their Excellencies welcomed all present to an enjoyable event.

Their Excellencies invited Lord Ormswyn of Aclei to stand as the new Baronial Armored Champion. Lord Ormswyn accepted the honor and took his place at their side.

Duke Galmr and Lady Tonwen, autocrats for the event, were brought into Their Excellencies presence. They were thanked for organizing a wonderful event. Duke Galmr took this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers for their assistance and to make general announcements.

Lord Kynnyth Pyke was called forth to announce the winners of the tournament:

  • Tournament Victor – Duke Cuan
  • Most Chivalrous – Master Roland
  • Best Heavy Fighter – Sir Corby
  • Best Fencer – Lord Connor Livingston

Lord Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirof came forth to announce the winners of the archery contest:

  • 1st Place – Lord Aeddan Ivor
  • 2nd Place – Maighreaid
  • 3rd Place – Edona MacKay

Their Excellencies conferred the following awards:

  1. Order of the Blasted Oak – Lord Ormswyn of Aclei
  2. Order of the Crab’s Claw – Mi’lord Griffin Warwick
  3. Order of the Blasted Oak – Lady Taira no Akiyo
  4. Order of the Crab’s Claw – Lord Alexander Blood

Their being no further business, I conclude this report.

This court report was prepared verbatim from the court report made to the Lochmere List.


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