Website redesign is under way!

You’ve probably noticed a different look to our website. I’ve been doing some work in the background, pulling off pages for events that were several years old (don’t worry, I’m saving copies of everything). I still have a lot more to do, but Job #1 has been weeding out old material so the current and recent stuff is easier to get to.

I’m also updating pages that remain — it’s a work in progress — and have updated our site’s appearance as well. This is also a work in progress, so stay tuned.

There are, right now, a number of obsolete links within the site to the aforementioned outdated and now removed/deactivated event pages. Look for these links to go away over the next week or so as I clean up the existing pages to reflect updates and changes.

What will remain as the core of our new and improved website depends heavily upon feedback from the officers and populace of Lochmere. I need to update all sorts of information: Names, roles, contact information, Order of March, headshots, etc. I am asking everyone who has information on the site to check what’s there and send me a note letting me know of any changes I need to make, and if you have a photo you would like to update, please send me a new one. PLEASE SEND ALL MATERIAL TO ME AT THIS ADDRESS:

With this information, I will be able to bring everything up to date and then keep it current. Many thanks in advance to you, the good gentles of the Barony, for your assistance in this project.

In service,

Lady Aine inghean Cathal
Baronial Webminister