Ransom the Cure

His Royal Highness Amos the Pious posted this to the Atlantia Facebook pageClicking this link will lead to an external site. yesterday.

We will be starting a series of charity tournaments to benefit the American Cancer SocietyClicking this link will lead to an external site. at Coronation this weekend. It is Our wish that these tourneys, called “Ransom the Cure” Charity Tournaments, will be held at each Atlantian Royal progress event.

Cancer has affected most of us in some way even if you have only known a friend or had a family member who has battled cancer you know the importance of this cause. Finding a cure is one of the most important battles that we face today and together we can help win that battle.

Each “Ransom the Cure” tournament will run separate from the regularly scheduled events so that once a fighter is removed from the main tournament they can join the charity tournament at any time. It will be run bear-pit style but each fighter only has one “life”. Once defeated, the fighter is considered captured and can only rejoin the tournament once they have been ransomed. Ransoms can be paid by the fighter or any sponsor may pay a fighter’s ransom by making a donation ($1 recommeded). The ransom monies will be separated by the fighter who won them and at the end of the day the person who has raised the most ransoms will be named the victor of the tournament and win a prize to commemorate their deeds for this noble cause.

I know that the noble populace of Atlantia has it in their hearts to support this cause and give a little somthing to ransom your favorite warrior and that the warriors of Atlantia have the strength to do great deeds of prowess to help earn ransoms. Atlantia has proven time and again that together there is nothing that can stop us.

Pax Vobiscum
– Amos, Princeps

As His Royal Highness said, all of us have known someone who has been affected by cancer at some point. Here in our own Barony, we have recently seen members of our populace fight this battle. If you are planning to go to a Royal Progress event, please consider bringing a little something extra to help the cause.

To find out about upcoming Royal Progress events, see the Kingdom of Atlantia Calendar.