Recreating Ancient and Medieval Plants?

Source: After 1,500 years, frankincense returns to the Holy Land in time for ChristmasClicking this link will lead to an external site.

Our stated purpose is to research and re-create the arts and sciences of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Well, a botanist in Israel is literally recreating Ancient and Early Medieval agriculture.

In 2005, Dr. Elaine Solowey successfully began growing an ancient date palm from a 2,000 year old seedClicking this link will lead to an external site.! Clearly not the type of person to let extinction have its way, Dr. Solowey is now growing frankincense plants that disappeared from Israel 1,500 years agoClicking this link will lead to an external site..

I know this is the second time we’re touching on Ancient Israel this week. For one thing, my wife shared these stories with me: are you going to tell her ‘no?’ For another, much of the interesting news lately involves Ancient Israel (hint: there’s another article coming soon).

The resurrection of these two plant species is not just for fun or academics: both plants are suspected to have medicinal qualities. The discoveries being made in this project could theoretically yield further information towards curing or treating modern ailments.

Who says recreation can’t be useful?

Short of dinosaurs, what extinct species/art/science would you recreate if you could?