The British Numismatic Society Journal Online

A few months ago, Master Reynard de la Rochefoucauld asked me for help with identifying a Greek coin from Roman Imperial times. It has been a few months, but I think we determined that it was minted during the reign of Severus AlexanderClicking this link will lead to an external site..

Move forward a few months as I am searching online for links of interest to SCAdians and I come across the British Numismatic SocietyClicking this link will lead to an external site.—numismatics being the study or collection of currency and related objects—which has published their journal onlineClicking this link will lead to an external site.. And that is not just a small sampling: they have almost every volume dating back to 1903!

On a whim, I decided to check out the 1903-1904 volumeClicking this link will lead to an external site. and noticed an article entitled “Find of Roman Coins at Petersborough.” Scanning the article, what should I find but that one of the coins was from the reign of Severus Alexander!

While an article from 1903 is hardly current events, I hope this journal can be a resource to those of you with an interest in numismatics.

So, Lochmere, other than American currency—which we can all use some more of—what ancient and medieval currency would you be interested in learning more about?