Night Under the Town 2012

Greetings Lochmerii –

What  a great event this weekend! Thank you to everyone who attended or helped in any way. Special thanks to Mistress Arianna & Lady Gwen for a well run, organized event. I didn’t get to see much of the fighting since it was mostly in/under the trees, but I hear it was a great success, so thanks to Lady Rochelle and Lord Alaric as well.  Also, big thanks to Lady Shannon, Avice, Marianna, Gwen, Vlad & Medb, and the rest of the people who stepped in to play retainer during the day – that was much appreciated.

The weather was very nice; the field looked wonderful, both Feast and Lunch were amazing, the King was delivered and picked up safely, court looked good, and things happened on time as scheduled. Congrats to all who got awards – they were very well deserved.

Our new rapier champion is Lady Armegardj Sigridsdottir. I am sure she will admirably maintain the useful & decorative standards set by Lord Alaric.

The barony received several nice items as part of the “Baronial Bling” contest. Lady Rita won with her painted tablecloth. We have a shiny new scroll-folder painted by Lady Avice to replace the cardboard/wrapping paper contraption we were previously using. We also have a beautiful wall hanging/curtain by Mistress Margery and a salt bowl created entirely from sugar (!) as a gift from Baroness Alesone from the Barony of Bhakail in the East Kingdom.

We raised $900 for the Baronial Coronet Fund. We’re still looking for input on the  designs or design elements… if you want to help design them, please sketch your ideas and show us. The coronets are going to be the hinged panel type so we can put in a spacer panel in the back to fit Galmr’s head. That way it can be removed and the thing won’t have to be worn as a belt by the  next baron. I like shiney jewels. Galmr isn’t that fond of wearing a giant crab right in the center of  his forehead… just things to keep in mind.

Thanks again for a great event!

Baroness Eydis