State of the Website – July 2011

The website is up-to-date as far as I know. This does not include pages being created for everyone in our OP, but it does include correct information (not images) for everyone who has a page.

There is more information on changes made since my last post after the jump.

The Activities pages have been consolidated from four down to one. No information was lost; in fact, we now have an actual correct location for Archery practice and correct information for Combo night among other things.

The Order of Precedence has been renamed Order of March. The reason is that it is an Order of March (placing the Baron and Baroness behind the Royalty—with the Consorts ahead of Their Excellencies by courtesy/tradition) rather than an Order of Precedence.

I am experimenting with “share” links, which is what those symbols at the bottom of this post and every page are, as well as with using Google search for the site instead of the regular WordPress search function. I welcome any feedback users may have regarding these tools (please be constructive) at my e-mail (see below).

I also made a few minor editions to the welcome paragraph on our Welcome page.

Once more, I encourage all site users who have not yet done so to register for the site. Check out the site handbook if you need information about the current features of the site.

As always, if you are aware of any corrections that need to be made or require new information to be posted, please e-mail me directly with the information that needs to be posted and any required permissions at Webminister (at) Lochmere (dot) Atlantia (dot) SCA (dot) org.