New Webpages Galore!

So…I’ve been busy. There are a total of 46 new pages on this here website that have been created in the month of November alone. What follows is a brief breakdown of those pages.

Midwinters 2011

The flyer for Midwinters 2011 has been up for about 2 weeks now. Check it out, get your reservations in, and volunteer for classes!

Officer Roles and Responsibilities

I have created a page describing the roles and responsibilities of each of the offices. To create this page, I have used my own knowledge and supplemented that with information from the relevant Kingdom or SCA pages. This page is still a work in progress, but those interested in learning more about what it is exactly our Officers do should check the page out.

Persona Cards

In accordance with my previously announced plans to include persona cards for everyone in our Order of Precedence, I have created 27 new pages in the OP category. You can access any of these pages by going to the Order of Precedence page. Where a name is displayed as a link, a persona card has been created for it. Where a date is displayed as a link, that means that the court report for the event in which that person received their highest precedence-bearing award exists on our website (more on this below).

If you find that your name has been linked in the OP, that means that you can feel free to give me info needed to personalize your persona card. Most pages currently are just awards lists. However, as I have stated in the past, I can add just about anything you want (within reason) to your persona card. This includes:

  • pictures (I’ll need copyright information and permission of anyone else in the picture)
  • depictions of badges
  • modern information (within limits)
  • persona period information
  • and much more

One easy method for personalizing your persona card that several people have already taken advantage of is letting me know if you would like to use an alternate language version of your title. If you don’t know what would be appropriate for your name/background, check out the SCA’s list here.

Court Reports

I have delved into Antiquity and recovered 17 old court reports from the Lochmere List and/or Merry Rose. You can find all of these on our Events page.These court reports have been transcribed, reformatted, and supplemented with my own research from the Kingdom Order of Precedence when necessary. Any court report that has bearing on people I’ve already listed in our OP has been cross-linked to those persona cards. Any court report having bearing on our awards/orders has likewise been cross-linked to those awards/orders.

Inasmuch as it has been possible, I have tried to use original court reports to create the court reports on this site. As far as I can tell, I have found every extant court report relating to events hosted by this barony. Going forward, I will be creating court report pages using the Kingdom OP. In the event of future discoveries, I will update the court reports accordingly.