Message from Their Royal Highnesses

Greetings unto the Populace of Fair Atlantia from Bryan and Brianna, Prince
and Princess!

Many of you will be receiving your Acorns about this time and may note that
there is no letter from Us within it’s pages. In Our rush to prepare for
Pennsic War, We let the deadline slip right by. We would appreciate it
greatly if you would pass these words on to others who may not be on this

Our Coronation approaches quickly. We hope that many of you will help Us to
celebrate as Master Bran Trefonnen has put together an event themed upon the
Canterbury Tales to be held where Nottinghill Coill borders Sacred Stone at
King’s Mountain State Park. He has been putting together remarkable events
for some time now and We expect no less for this one, which will be capped
with a marvelous feast cooked by Baron Thorgrimr inn kyrri.

As We prepare for our time as Heirs to the Kingdom to end, We are minded to
look to succession of the Throne. We are pleased to announce that the
Barony of Ponte Alto will host Our Crown Tourney on the weekend of November
sixth. Letters of Intent are due in Our hands by the 15th of October. They
must include proof of membership (number and expiration dates), modern and
SCA names, addresses, and phone or email contact information. Please also
include the names of at least three events which each of the candidates have
attended within the past seven months per Atlantian Law.

It is Our wish that Crown Tourney be a grand affair with as large a tourney
as can be mustered. We encourage all who have an interest to vie for the
honor of leading Our fair Kingdom and of testing the mettle of those who
shall. Bring out your best in pageantry and flair and make the Tourney to
select Our Heirs the celebration of Atlantia’s best that it ought to be!
There will be a prize awarded for the best presentation of heraldry and
pageantry during the Procession and Tourney. As We intend the Tourney
itself to be the highlight of the day, there will not be a Tournament of
Chivalry that day; all of the planned fighting for the day shall be in vying
for the Crown.

Bryan & Brianna
Prince & Princess

This message has been copied from the Merry Rose.