Lochmere in the Atlantian Courts

Since Bantiarna Shannon has posted about the Lochmere court at Pennsic XXXIX (Vivant Ladies Saige and Avice), I wanted to take this opportunity to add this tasty morsel from Baron Michael Batcok’s Court Report:

August 12 after the Rapier Plateau Battle:
The Atlantian Rapier Army of Pennsic XXXIX – Augmentation of Arms with the
suggested form of a unicornate natural seahorse (Spike) in either argent (White)
or azure (Blue) to best compliment the arms of the recipient.

I have been able to confirm that there were at least 6 Lochmeri in the Atlantian Rapier Army. Vivant to

  • Lord Alric the Mad
  • Lord Arghylle Buchanan
  • Christian of Lochmere
  • Lord Jack Wright
  • Master Robert Bedingfield of Lochmere
  • Lady Symone de la Rochelle
  • Count Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov

If I missed anyone, please feel free to advise.