Court Report: Night of the Fools

Court Report: Night of the Fools

The Court of Cuán and Pádraigín

Greetings unto all far and wide unto whom these presents come from Mistress Mordeyrn!

This weekend past, on 17 Apr 04, in the Barony of Lochmere, an event was held known as the Night of the Fools. Much fun was had by all with lots of activities and lots of Rapier complete with beautiful, warm weather.

Their Royal Majesties did choose to hold a court. Herein lies the business conducted therein. First, after words of greeting to the attending populace, TRM allowed Their Excellencies of Lochmere, Baron Ælfgar and Baroness Aryanna to hold court. The awards they conferred were:

  1. Order of Blasted OakLord Michael Limner
  2. Order of Blasted OakLord Michel von Schönsee

Upon conducting all their Baronial business, the Royal Court did resume. The following accolades were proferred at that time:

  1. Premier Recipient of the Order of the Sea Dragon – Lord Dante di Pietro
  2. Order of the Coral Branch – Lord Dominick Elphinstone
  3. Order of the Opal – Lady Medb ingen Brain
  4. Award of Arms – Amber Roriksdottir
  5. Order of the Coral Branch – Lady Elspet Byndelase
  6. Order of the Opal with AoA – Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirov
  7. Award of the Shark’s Tooth – Baron Marcellus di Napoli
  8. Award of the Shark’s Tooth and AoA – Dominic of Black Diamond

During the absolutely wonderful feast, Their Royal Majesties did open court, and thank the cook staff for the wonderful repast laid before Them. In addition to this, They did give the following recognition: Order of the Opal with AoA – Christiana Irina Chaikinaia.


Mistress Mordeyrn Tremayne heralded court.

This court report was copied with only minor changes from the original court report made to the Atlantian Heralds list.


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