Court Report: Night on the Piazza

Court Report: Night on the Piazza

The Courts of TRM Havordth and Mary Grace

The day was warm and bright in Venice, and it was the pleasure of Their Majesties to hold a court in the pleasant weather.

Morning Court Report:

  1. Anne of Brantingham – Award of Arms
  2. Lady Etain ingen Thadgain – Silver Nautilus
  3. Margery Winterbourne – Award of Arms
  4. Dominick Elphinstone – Award of Arms
  5. Gabrielle de Carcassonne – Award of Arms
  6. Baroness Arianna Morgan – Pearl
  7. Lady Brighid nic Thighearnain – Pearl

Then a festive day of fighting, gaming, and carousing ensued. As the evening drew near and clouds gathered, Their Majesties conducted a second court.

Evening Court Report:

  1. Lady Gwenyth MacDonna received a favor from the Queen for coordinating waterbearers and chiurgeons for the fighters, while her foot was injured and in a cast. Lady Gwenyth had just recovered from a previous foot injury and had her cast removed. She then re-injured her foot during the activities of the day.
  2. Lord Jehan Yves de Chateau Thiery – Grant of Arms
  3. Lord Jehan Yves de Chateau Thiery – Pearl
  4. Llywelyn Hael ap Cydifor – Award of Arms
  5. Anne FraserAward of Arms
  6. Mor Fhionn – Award of Arms

Then in the evening at feast, Their Majesties desired to and conferred the following honors.

Feast Court Report:

  1. Lord Michael the Limner – Silver Nautilus
  2. Elisabeth of LochmereAward of Arms


Lord Michael Batcok, Triton Principal Herald, heralded the courts.

This court report was copied with only minor changes from the second court report made to the Atlantian Heralds list.

There is no record of any Baronial awards presented at this event.


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