Court Report: 22nd Baronial Birthday

This is a preliminary court report prepared from the Webminister’s notes at the event. In the event of a conflict, the Heralds’ reports are to be considered accurate.

Court Report: Baronial Birthday and Investiture

Morning Court of Her Royal Majesty, Gerhild the Willful

Her Royal Majesty, Gerhild the Willful, Queen of Atlantia, first summoned Lady Christiana Iarina Chaikinaia for the Pages Academy. Lady Christiana called Countess Aryanna Hawkins and Syr Christian Darmody before Her Royal Majesty as sponsors of Rebecca and Ethan. Their oaths made, Rebecca and Ethan were inducted into the Pages Academy.

Her Royal Majesty then gave leave to Baron Dominick Elphinstone and Baroness Margery Winterbourne, Baron and Baroness of Lochmere, to conduct their court.

The Final Court of Dominick and Margery

Their Excellencies began their final court by thanking the populace for the support given them during their governance. They then called into court Lady Avice Claremond. For her deeds in support of the Barony, Lady Avice Claremond was made a Companion of the Order of the Blasted Oak.

Next, Their Excellencies summoned Syr Christian Darmody and Lady Lisette la Rouxe before them, simultaneously to award them the Award of Excellence.

Their Excellencies called first the officers of Lochmere and then their champions. With thanks for their service and support and exhortations to support their successors, Their Excellencies released the officers and champions from their service.

With Their Excellencies’ business done, they bid the populace a final thanks and relinquished the coronets of Lochmere to Her Royal Majesty.

Her Royal Majesties Court Resumed

Her Royal Majesty called Lord Dominick Elphinstone and Lady Margery Winterbourne into the Royal presence. With thanks for their service to the Crown, Her Royal Majesty inducted them into the Atlantian Court as Baron Dominick Elphinstone and Baroness Margery Winterbourne.

Her Royal Majesty then called forward Mistress Arianna Morgan, acting as seneschal, and the populace of Lochmere to determine their will for their baron and baroness. With the populace’s support, Her Royal Majesty invested Duke Galmr Ingolfsson and Lady Eydís Herjolfrsdóttir with the Coronets of the Barony of Lochmere to serve as the Ninth Baron and Baroness of Lochmere.

Evening Court of Galmr and Eydís

In the evening, Their Excellencies, Galmr and Eydís, held court and called the officers of Lochmere before them. Their Excellencies requested the continued service of the officers in support of the Barony.

Evening Court of Her Royal Majesty

Her Royal Majesty, Gerhild the Willful, held court in the evening and first summoned the newcomers to the Society. Five newcomers came forward, and Her Royal Majesty welcomed them, thanked them, and gave them tokens in honor of the occasion.

Her Royal Majesty then summoned Giovanna Valori into court. With thanks for her service to the Kingdom, Giovanna Valori was awarded arms as a noble of Atlantia.

Lastly, Her Royal Majesty summoned Lady Pippa Morosini from the Barony of Ponte Alto into her presence. She then summoned the Order of the Golden Dolphin to witness the induction of Lady Pippa Morosini as a Companion of the Order of the Golden Dolphin.

Their being no further business, Her Royal Majesty closed court.

Galmr and Eydís’ Court Resumed

Their Excellencies, Galmr and Eydís, then called the champions of Lochmere into court and charged them to continue in service until such time as new champions should be chosen.

Their Excellencies then called the autocrats, Bantiarna Shannon inghaen Bhriain uí Dhuilleáin and Arglwyddes Saige ferch Cedwyn into court to address the populace. Bantiarna Shannon began by thanking the many people who assisted with the event before deferring to Arglwyddes Saige to announce the day’s winners.

Arglwyddes Saige called forward Master Roland de Mounteney to announce the winners of the martial competitions. The overall winner for the day was Sir Morvran Corbet de la Flamme. Additional winners were Count Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov for armored combat and Master Áedán Aylwyn for rapier combat.

Baroness Dealla Cohen was called forward to announce the winner for thrown weapons, Breccan.

Arglwyddes Saige then announced the winners of the Arts & Sciences competitions of the day. The first place prize went to Baron Galmr Ingolfsson. Second place went to Magistra Sigrid Bríánsdotter, and there was a tie for third place between Lady Lisette la Rouxe and Lord Fulk the Bald.

Novice prizes were also awarded to Lady Lisette, Gwen of Lochmere and a youth named Ethan.

With there being no further business, Their Excellencies, Galmr Ingolfsson and Eydís Herjolfrsdóttir, closed court.


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