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External Links

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Society for Creative Anachronism links:

Other links of interest to SCA members:

The following links are not official SCA links. Any link leading to a merchant should not be construed as an endorsement of the merchant or their product. These merchants often appear at Pennsic and other events. Links to their sites are for informational purposes.

Miscellaneous and Educational Links

  • Alexander’s Pennsic Site: An unofficial Pennsic-dedicated site.
  • Cariadoc’s Miscellany: Duke Cariadoc of the Bow is noted for his extensive writings on almost every subject imaginable.
  • Medieval Armies DBA Page: DBA gives an analysis on the proper feel of medieval armies and how they performed on the battlefield.
  • Atlantian Library Online: Collection of personal libraries of several members of the Kingdom of Atlantia. This is not sponsored nor affiliated with the SCA, Inc. or the Kingdom of Atlantia.

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