Court Report: On Target 2009

Court Report: On Target

Atlantian Court

On May 30, Their Royal Highnesses, Vladimir and Kalisa did hold Court for Their Royal Majesties, Logan and Esa, in Their Barony of Lochmere. The following business was conducted: Godai Katsunaga was called forth and was inducted into the Order of the King’s Missiliers.

The Court of Dominick and Margery

Herein begins the court report for Their Excellencies, Dominick Elphinstone and Margery Winterbourne, Baron and Baroness of Lochmere. Court was held in the evening this day, 30 May A.S. XLIV, in the Barony of Lochmere at On Target.

Their Excellencies called into session Their court, and bid welcome to the populace and to Their Royal Highnesses, Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov and Kalisa Aleksandrovna, Crown Prince and Princess Atlantia. Their Royal Highnesses took leave to conduct court on Their Royal Majesties’ business. After which time, Their Excellencies resumed Their Court.

Their Excellencies called into court a nefarious rogue whose endeavors are known throughout the land. To wit: smuggling, public lewdness, transporting maidens across baronial borders, impersonating a clerk of the Church of England, licentious behavior, inciting public naughtiness, trafficking in Pennsic slaves, laying hands on former royalty, and commandeering a wagon of baronial property for transport to Aethelmearc. In short, Their Excellencies summoned The Gyles. After briefly torturing a confession out of him, Their Excellencies inducted Lord Gyles Courtenay into the Order of the Crab and U-Haul as the fourth member of said order.

Their Excellencies summoned Master Reynard de la Rochefoucauld, the autocrat. Master Reynard read the top scores of the archers who had participated in the day’s competition, including the overall winner, Lord Seamus McRay from the Barony of Bright Hills.

Their Excellencies bid Master Reynard de la Rochefoucauld stand before Them, and they called Mistress Arianna Morgan into Their presence. For their work in organizing the event, Master Reynard de la Rochefoucauld and Mistress Arianna Morgan were given the Award of Excellence.

Their Excellencies bid Lord Aeddan Ivor stand before them. They gave thanks to Lord Aeddan for his two years of service as Archery Champion both to Themselves and to Their Predecessors. Lord Aeddan returned the sash of office so Their Excellencies might choose a new champion.

Their Excellencies summoned Arglwyddes Saige ferch Cedwyn into Their presence and asked her to serve as Their incoming Archery Champion. Arglwyddes Saige ferch Cedwyn accepted and took her place behind Their Excellencies.

There being no further business, so ended the court of Their Excellencies, Dominick Elphinstone and Margery Winterbourne, Baron and Baroness Lochmere.


Mistress Minowara Kiritsubo no Ason, Draic Draig Herald, heralded Royal Court.

Señor Santiago Ruiz de Zaragoza bore witness to Lochmere’s court.

The Atlantian Court Report was copied with only minor changes from the original court report posted to the Merry Rose. The Lochmere Court Report was created directly from the Baronial Court Report by the witnessing herald. In the event of conflicts, the court reports submitted to the Kingdom are to be considered the correct versions.