March Business Meeting Canceled

Due to inclement weather, the March Business Meeting has been cancelled. Autocrats and officers with important reports are encouraged to post to the List.


The March Dredgings

The Dredgings – March 2014

In this issue: pictures from Dame Dealla Cohen’s elevation at Midwinter’s Revel; Book Bindings from the Gilded Age; The Dying Gaul: An Ancient Roman Masterpieces from the Capitoline Museum, Rome; Business Meeting Notes and Event Announcements.


Fighter Practice Canceled – 2/4/2014

Howard County Public Schools have canceled all after school activities due to the impending weather. As a result, fighter practice is canceled for this week. Please have a safe evening.


Announcing Night on the Town 2014

My Lords and Ladies,

Mid-Winter Revel has come and gone. On behalf of Their Excellencies, Galmr and Eydís, and the autocrat, Lord Segehart Leutmericz, it is my pleasure to announce Night on the Town 2014.

The year is 1604 and there is a special spring fayre planned in the town of Smeewick. The harsh winter has abated early and the people have come out of hiding to celebrate before hitting the fields for more earnest work. The anxious young children are eager to play and even the adults have plans to knock off some winter rust and show their skill with the sword and bow. Join us in celebration of the town’s good fortune and hopes for a prosperous year.

The Barony of Lochmere presents Night on the Town 2014


Fighter Practice Is Still On

Reposted from the List

Good Day Atlantia,

Even though it is very cold here in the north, Lochmere practice is on. If there is any change I will try to get notice out by 3PM.

For those practitioners of rapier combat, specifically Cut & Thrust, I would like to being work on the new tournament format I suggested. I would appreciate someone bringing C&T long swords to practice (we need two). We will start with 30 sec counted blows. I intend to train both fighters and judges.

Look forward to seeing everyone.

Alric The Mad


Practice and Combo Night Canceled

Due to the winter weather closure of the Howard County School Systems, we will not have access to Talbot County Elementary School tonight. Therefore, Fighter Practice and Combo Night for 10 December 2013 are canceled.


Mid-Winter Revel 2014

My Lords and Ladies,

In accordance with the wishes of my most merciful mistresses, I have posted the flyer for Mid-Winter Revel 2014—A Journey along the Silk Road.

Heed the call of the marketplace! The sweet smells of spice and incense, cinnamon and turmeric mingling with frankincense and myrrh; scarlet, saffron and indigo fabrics surrounded by copper and brass; the music of the qānūn, oud, sheng, and koto fills the air….

Join us in a Journey along the Silk Road from Kyushu to Samarkand to Constantinople. Spend a day filled with music, dancing, feasting, and classes.

The Barony of Lochmere presents…

Mid-Winter Revel 2014—A Journey along the Silk Road! (Read more)