Schedule for the day:
9:00am – Site Opens
10:00am – MOL Opens – Inspections & Authorizations begin
10:30am – Morning court
* Act 1 – Making your way up the Rhine
* Act 2 – Demonstration of Prowess
12:00pm – Lunch
* Act 3 – In the woods outside Nollig
* Act 4 – Taking out the Rheinischer
5:00pm – Evening Court
7:00pm – Feast

Schedule may be adjusted to accommodate TRM.

Our day begins with the site opening at 9AM, with authorizations and inspections starting at 10AM. Court begins at 10:30. Immediately following court, fighters will begin their journey. You will begin making your quickest route from Mainz to Koblenz, the easiest of which travelling up the Rhine.

First Act:
Raubritters are holding the passage outside of Rheinfels Castle outside of Sankt Goar. As you attempt to make your way northwards, you’ll need to negotiate your way through their territories, paying stiff taxes to make your way down river. You’ll have to make your way past three barons, but be quick! Keep in mind, each baron sets their taxes slightly differently!

To pay, you’ll need to collect coins any way you can: Work, Games, or Treachery.

You may find it worth wild to band together for safety! That said, if your bands become to large, the Rheinischer Bund (the marshals) may think you are the lawless ones and strike you down!

* Everyone for themselves, pay your way up river!
* Resurrections will be allowed once every two minutes.
* Upon resurrection, you can get one coin from the central bank.
* If you find yourself murdered, coins you’ve collected must be handed off to your murderer!
* Bring a haversack, pouch, or other period bag. You’ll want to carry your money safely!

Second Act:
Rather than taxes, The Dukes of Schönburg have decided a test of skill is the coin to pass along the river. Demonstrate your prowess in a single elimination tournament.

* Blacksword tourney standard.
* Single Elimination with destructive byes.
* Single pass per fight, double kills are not re-fought.

Immediately following the the tourney, we invite all to pay witness to Allister Greenbrier as he plays his prize to elevate to the rank of Free Scholar in the Academie de Espee.

Third Act:
West of the Keep at Nollig, merchants thought they could take make their passage without paying their taxes. Some will find employ guarding passage to provide safe passage, while others will find themselves supporting the Raubritters desire to keep all traffic to the Rhine.

* 30 Minute Melee with Unlimited Resurrections.
* Teams will be split using the “Dante Method” (explanations provided day of)
* Key points in the passage will have markers indicating who controls the location.
* Large sacks of grain must be safely guarded and can be moved!
* On a regular interval, control of the key points and large sacks will be counted.
* The side with the count at the end of the battle will be rewarded!

Fourth Act:
Upon hearing the pleading of merchants, the Rheinischer Bund has had enough, and decided to deal with the Raubritters once and for all. Chase down the Raubritters and take back control. To help take out these foul beasts, the Rheinischer Bund has brought in archers, though the Raubritters have conscripted some of their own in response.

* 30 Minute Melee with Unlimited Resurrections.
* Same teams, balancing as needed
* Same as before, though the grain has been forgotten!