Brewing Competition

The brewing competition will take place with the three standard areas:

Entrants may submit up to two items per category

We will be using the standard Atlantian A&S brewing competition form. There will be an extra 10 points awarded to those who incorporate any themes from the Rhine or towns situated on the Rhine (and just using the word doesn’t count).

Contact:  Baroness Greer Jonsdottir: ladygriffinhowe[AT]yahoo.com

Vocal Music Competition

You are cordially invited to demonstrate your vocal prowess in a vocal music competition.

Parameters for the Competition

Language: In keeping with the theme of the event, any pieces performed for competition must be either in German, be written by a German composer, or both.

Time Period: 1600 or earlier.

Documentation: Yes please! Fear not, for you do not need to write a dissertation. Your documentation may be as minimal as copy of the music, the translation, and information on
the composer.

Categories: Prizes will be awarded in three categories:
. Solo
. Ensemble (2 or more singers)
. Youth (17 and younger)
Memorization is not required!

Don’t want to compete? That’s perfectly fine! You are welcome to entertain us anyway!

Questions? Please feel free to me via private message or e-mail me a chrissings@juno.com