The Road to Compostela

January 26, 2019

All roads lead to Compostela!  Come journey with us along the pilgrim road from Venice, across northern Italy, through the south of France, and into Spain to our final destination at the Shrine of Santiago de Compostela.  Are you fulfilling a sacred vow?  Doing penance for your sins?  Seeing the world? Obtaining an indulgence? Avoiding your pesky family or an arranged marriage?  Or are you escaping persecution?  Regardless of your motivation for embarking on this arduous journey, you will experience the hospitality afforded every pilgrim in terms of nourishment, entertainment, and rest.  For to deny hospitality to a pilgrim is a grievous sin and therefore will not be tolerated!  The “Way” is well marked and you will have many opportunities to visit lesser “Shrines” along the way, collect relics, sample regional cuisine, get your Camino passport stamped, and swap stories with your fellow pilgrims.  The timeline for our journey is approximately 13th/14th century, attendees are encouraged to dress accordingly.

Site: St. James’ Episcopal Church, 5757 Solomons Island Road, Lothian, MD  20711.  Directions are below.

Site Restrictions:  Site is wet, no original containers, no pets other than service animals

Martial Activities: No marshal activities planned

Reservations:  Please send your reservations to Lady Brynhildr Grimskellsdottr (Dawn Fuller) at 111 Sylvan Ave, Millersville, MD  21108.  Questions concerning reservations should be directed to
Lady Brynhildr at  Make checks payable to SCA-MD, Inc., Barony of Lochmere.

Autocrat’s information:  Mistress Arianna Morgan (Chris Stuermer) can be reached at or (410) 533-4535 (before 9 p.m.).

Lunch:  A fundraiser lunch prepared by Lady Katla Flokadottir will be available for $5.  The proceeds will go towards purchasing loaner armor for the new fighters in the Barony.  A vegetarian option will be available.  For questions concerning lunch, please contact Lady Katla at

Feast:  Those pilgrims desiring to join us for feast will experience three courses featuring cuisines from Italy, France, and Spain, prepared by three of Lochmere’s finest cooks:  Syr Christian Darmody, Master Reynard de La Rouchefocauld, and Master Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirov, coordinated by Mistress Lisette La Roux.  The feast will culminate in a dessert board with a dessert from each region.  For dietary questions, please contact Mistress Lisette at  Feast is limited to 80 so reserve early!

Arts & Sciences Activities:   Please contact Baroness Greer Jonsdottir at if you have any questions concerning competitions, classes, or display!

Competitions include:

  • Pilgrim Bags, Scrips, and Almoner’s Pouches (Sponsored by Mistress Arianna Morgan)
  • Food encountered along the Pilgrim Road (Sponsored by Mistress Lisette La Roux)
  • Brewing (Sponsored by Baron Cormacc Ua Rigan)

Open Display Space will be provided for pilgrims to display their most recent projects, completed or in progress.

Classes:  How to make a Pilgrim Bag, Sing Like a Pilgrim, Pewter Casting, Pater Nosters, and
History of Medieval Pilgrimages.

Performing Arts:  Musicians (Vocal and Instrumental), gather up your instruments, Cantigas de Santa Maria, and other songs of travel for an afternoon “Jam Session.”  All musicians and storytellers are also welcome to entertain during lunch or feast.  Please contact Lady Scholastica Joycors at to coordinate performance time.

Games:  The bag game will be tailored to the theme of the event!  Trade trinkets for relics such as a piece of the true cross, bones of St. James, and other saintly notables.  “Name that Saint” scavenger hunt!  Travel to various “shrines” and identify saints based on written clues and images!  There will also be Children’s Activities!