Battle on the Bay

& Lochmere Investiture

September 22- 24, 2017


Come join the mighty Baronies of Lochmere and Storvik as they bid farewell and safe travels to the stalwart Baron Gabrell and the lustrous Baroness Avice of Lochmere as they journey to distant lands, and help us celebrate the investiture of the new Baron and Baroness of Lochmere.

The year is 1302, and we are in the beautiful land of Flanders. The Flemish people have had enough of the occupying French forces, and the tables may turn on the better trained and equipped French.


Combat Archery
Thrown Weapons
Children’s Activities
And more…

Feast Information: A wonderful feast will be prepared by Lady Naila and Lord Ottin Ott

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Announcement from their Majesties.  

Good Evening Lochmere:
First, Her Majesty and I would like to thank their Excellencies for leading Lochmere to Pennsic in support of the Atlantian war effort. In every area of endeavor seen at Pennsic, Our Barony of Lochmere was proudly represented. We did find some time to interview some of the candidates willing to succeed Their Excellencies Gabrell Fairclaugh and Avice Claremond, and to discuss the pollings with Their Excellencies. Upon our return from Pennsic, we completed the last of our interviews and consulted once more with Gabrell and Avice. Today, Signy and I came to our decision. It was difficult, given the skills, talents and history of contributions to the Barony and Kingdom represented by all five couples. Thank you Cassair Warwick and Griffin Warwick, Christian Darmody and Lisette la Roux, Phillip of Ghent and Genvieve Dampier de la Marche, Kris Kostarev and Dealla Cohen for your willingness to serve. You should all be proud of how difficult you made this decision. After reviewing all the pollings, interviewing the candidates and consulting with Their Excellencies Lochmere, Her Majesty and I have determined that Lord Cormacc au Rigain and Lady Sarra de Vicenza shall be the next Baron and Baroness of Lochmere.

Congratulations, Cormacc and Sarra; I know that you will have great support and great success in your new roles.
Now, Lochmere, prepare to celebrate the storied tenure of Gabrelle and Avice and welcome your new Baron and Baroness at Battle on the Bay. I look forward to seeing you there.

Cuan Rex