Night in Navarre

Night in Navarre

April 13, 2019

The Good King Henri of Navarre has had yet another attempt on his life! Thus he is visiting his homeland of Navarre to enjoy a day of fighting and an evening of feasting away from the divisive court in Paris. Baron Cormacc and Baroness Sarra invite all to join them and partake of the famous hospitality, tournaments and celebration of the arts that are the Barony of Lochmere. There will be tournaments and melees to delight the Rapier community, followed by a feast by Sir Xenophon to delight the senses.


07:00AM – Set up crew arrives
08:00AM – Site opens for public setup
09:00AM – Troll Opens
              Rapier Authorizations
10:00AM – Court
10:30AM – Rapier Tourneys Begin
              Thrown Weapons Opens
11:00AM – Easter Egg Hunt
              A&S Opens
11:00AM – Heraldic Consult Table (until 3PM)
11:15AM – Free Scholar Prize
12:00PM – Lunch (until 1PM)
              Order of the White Scarf Meeting
01:30PM – Rapier Melee (until 3:30PM)
              Order of Defense Meeting
03:30PM – 2nd Rapier Tourney (until 4:30PM)
04:00PM – Rapier Pickups on the Field
05:00PM – Court
06:00PM – Feast
10:00PM – Hall Closes

Martial Activities

As Marshal in Charge (MiC) Lord Fernfael Kymro has a series of melees and tourneys planned for a challenging day of competition. There will be a Rapier and C&T Blacksword tourney and at least two Melee scenarios. Questions should be addressed to him at jdeano[at]

There will be a thrown weapons target area and competition as well.

Arts & Sciences Activities

There will be two A&S competitions to welcome the Good King Henri back to his homeland.

The Kingdom of Navarre is located in the Basque Region and has rich cultural traditions. The first of the two competitions is to highlight this unique region in any medium of your choice. Documentation is not required but strongly encouraged.

The second of the competitions is focused specifically on the city of Pamplona in the Kingdom of Navarre. The tradition of the Running of the Bulls can be traced back to the 14th century when young men would show off their bravado by jumping in front of bulls while they were being driven to the bullfighting rings. For this competition, competitors must use some aspect of a bull in their project; either as a drawing, or an item created from a bull (leather, horn, etc). Along with this item, the artist must provide some sort of documentation detailing how the bull was incorporated into the art and the historical inspiration for the item created. EZ Documentation is strongly encouraged. 


Lochmart is once again opening its doors.

Do you have gently used SCA-appropriate items that you no longer want or need? Why not sell them at Lochmart at Night in Navarre? We do not charge a consignment fee to sell your stuff.

For those of you who have not had the Lochmart experience, here’s how it works:

Bring your gently used SCA-appropriate items to the site before 11:00 AM on the 13th. Ensure that your items are clean and in good repair. Bring hangars for clothing. Attach a price tag and include the amount you want for the item and your name. Our friendly staff will complete a sales tally sheet for you and ask you if you are willing to accept checks.

You may: Keep the money, donate it to the barony, or any combination of the above.

At the end of the day, come collect your money and any items that didn’t sell.

Please contact Mistress Arianna (chrissings [AT] to volunteeer

Menu for Feast

Soup of Beans and Greens
Dish of Braised Beef
Parsnips and Cauliflower (V)
Pork with Mushrooms and Cream
Barley with Mushrooms and Cheese (V)
Chicken of Thyme and Lemon
Asparagus with White Sauce (V)
Ginger Cheese Tarts (V)
Cookies/Biscuits (V)
Breads (V)


Adult, Member: $15.00 Day-Trip $12.00 Feast
Adult, Non-Member: $20.00 Day-Trip $12.00 Feast
Youth (6-17): $ 7.00 Day-Trip $12.00 Feast
Child (0-5): $ 0.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast

Make Checks Payable To: SCA-MD, Inc., Barony of Lochmere

Cost Notes: Family Cap: $44 for site fee. Please make all checks payable to: SCA-MD, Inc, Barony of Lochmere and include the modern names, SCA names, and membership numbers of all applicable guests when registering.

Site: Earliegh Heights Fire Company 161 Ritchie Highway Severna Park, MD 21146. Site opens 8 am for set up, closes 10pm.

Site Restrictions: The site is discreetly wet, beer and wine only, no original containers; the buildings and field are smoke-free, smoking will be allowed only in designated areas; and only working service animals are permitted. There is no camping at this site.

Lunch Information: Lunch is separate from the day trip cost and will be a fundraiser for the Baronial practice site prepared by Haus Wulfshaven.

Feast is planned in the French style by Sir Xenophon please contact Sir Xenophon with any feast questions kvaughn333 (AT)

Merchanting Information: Merchants are welcome! Please contact Duchess Simone simonedebarjavel (AT)

Autocrat’s Information: Duchess Simone de Barjavel (Sarah Toich) 410-290-3961 simonedebarjavel (AT)

Reservations: Lady Brynhildr Grimmkelsdottir (Dawn Fuller), 111 Sylvan Ave, Millersville , MD 21108, E-mail: bryn1240[AT]

Field Space: Please contact the field coordinator Lord Olaus Silvano at


From the West and North

Take MD 100 East toward Pasadena. Take the MD-10 South exit from 100. Continue onto MD 2. Turn left onto MD 2 South. Turn left onto Magothy Bridge Road. The Site will be on your right.

From the South

Take your best route to Route 50 East (outside the Washington D.C. Beltway) towards the Bay Bridge.
Take exit 27 for MD-2N/MD-450 S Toward Baltimore/Naval Academy.
Keep left at the fork, and follow signs for MD-2N (Ritchie Hwy)/Baltimore and merge onto MD-2N/Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd.
Continue to follow MD-2N for about 10 minutes. (7.3 miles)
Turn right onto E. Earleigh Heights Rd./Magothy Bridge Rd. Destination will be on the right.

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