Barony of Lochmere Fencing Celebration in Honor of Coronation

Barony of Lochmere Fencing Celebration in Honor of Coronation
June 26, 2021
9:00 am – 6:00pm
Cost: Free/Donations accepted
Pre- Registration:
This site requires vaccinations

In celebration of the Coronation of Their Highnesses Prince Eckehard Thurn & Princess Jane Alexandria Fitzpatrick, Lochemere is hosting an event!

Lochmere’s event will be a small fencing excerpt of Coronation itself.  Since Coronation has limited attendance, a variance has been allowed to hold these smaller events throughout Atlantia…like puzzle pieces that when put together create a whole. 

Lochmere’s piece of the event is fencing focused and is located at a site in Jessup, MD that has limited parking and is restricted to 50 people. This event will be free but will require pre-registration and all participants must follow current SCA guidelines including social distancing, mask wearing, and no sharing food or drinks. For privacy concerns, the address will be emailed only once registration is approved. 

Due to limited parking there will be priority given to carpool groups and those using ways to travel that do not require a full size parking space. 

The schedule will be very simple: 
Find a friend and fence. This is a practice day without tournaments to re-calibrate and remind ourselves how to move. 

9am Site Opens
Inspections start soon after and various fields will be open to inspected participants to grab a marshal and fight.

Breaks in Fighting will happen for Kingdom courts, on the schedule for 10:00 and 4:00. There maybe a break for a small baronial court, this is still TBD.

6pm Site Closes

Please note, the ticks are very active and plentiful this year. 
Also please look for rule changes from last time you fought. Be prepared to have armor tested on site during inspections if needed.  

There will be a site agent who will check vaccine validation. You MUST have some form of vaccine records at the gate. If you have lost your vaccine card there are online sites that allow you to gain access to your official records. This requirement is solely a requirement of the site.

This is not required by the SCA.  A variance from the BOD of the SCA has been acquired to allow the site to require vaccines. 

Masks must be worn on site. There is to be no sharing of food and drink. All other SCA rules and guidelines must be followed. 

For more information or questions contact your friendly autocrat
Baroness Letia Thistelthueyt: Baroness(AT)

Bring your fencing gear and good cheer and join us!