Night Under a Faie Moon

April 17, 2020

As the residents of the town of Smeewick gather Friday eve at the local Tavern, the Rusty Souse, tales of minor mischief and petty thievery are on everyone’s lips.  Swords have been found hanging from trees. The left shoes of everyone in town are missing. Fillings of pies have been replaced with flowers and pine fronds. Some members of the populace suspect the faie folk.  Are the faie friends? Foes? A little bit of both?

The Barony of Lochmere invites you to join us for an event based in the Tudor English town of Smeewick and inspired by Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream.  Whether you call them faie, brownies, sprites, or…, they are all around us. Festivities will start Friday night at 7pm in the main hall and carry through Saturday night.  Expect fighting, feasting, and fun.S

Martial Activities

Syr Jocelin d’Outremer is the Marshal in Charge and is planning a challenging day of rapier competition. Questions should be addressed to him at joselindoutremer[AT]

Master Kryss Kostarev will be running thrown weapons. Questions can be directed to him at lthrgryphn[AT]

Dame Dealla will be running Archery activities.  For more information please contact Dame Dealla at DeallaC[AT]

Lastly, Syr Christian Darmody will be running the “Fling the Faie” competition – questions can be addressed to him at clintdarby[AT]

Arts & Sciences Activities

A&S displays and classes will be coordinated by Mistress Avice Claremond. Additional information will be posted on the website and the Facebook event page. Questions can be directed to her at avice.claremond[AT]


Adult, Event Registration: $25.00 Day-Trip $12.00 Feast $5.00 Camping
Adult, Member Discount: $20.00 Day-Trip $12.00 Feast $5.00 Camping
Youth (5-17): $10.00 Day-Trip $12.00 Feast $5.00 Camping
Child (0-4): $0.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast $0.00 Camping

Family max cost is the registration of 2 adults and 2 children.  Camping fees are separate.

Make Checks Payable To: SCA-MD, Inc., Barony of Lochmere

Cost Notes:  PayPal is available! Pre Register here:

Site: Elks Camp Barrett, 1001 Chesterfield Road, Annapolis MD 21401

Site Restrictions: The site will open at 6:00 pm Friday and close at 10:00 am Sunday. The site will be wet. The buildings are smoke free (please police your trash). Only working service animals are allowed on site. On-site showers available. Be sure to bring personal linens as they will not be supplied. Cabin camping as well as field camping space available, however no space heaters allowed in the cabins. If you plan on field camping onsite, please make sure to send in requests with pre-registration to ensure field space is allotted. Requests for day shade field space should be directed to the autocrats.

Feast Information: a wondrous feast designed by Mistress Tirzah MacCrudden (Evelyn Brady). Please contact her with any dietary concerns/questions at the following email:

A fundraiser lunch will be available for $5.

The Rusty Souse Tavern (in the main hall) will be open Friday night and Saturday night the main hall will be open for gaming, dancing, and singing.  Brewers and Vintners are welcome to come and wax poetic about their crafts.

Merchanting Information: Merchanting Information: Outdoor merchant space is available. Please contact Countess Aryanna Hawkyns at countessaryanna[AT] Alongside the merchants will be our annual Lochmart. This is a wonderful opportunity to sell or acquire gently used SCAdian items. Please contact Mistress Arianna Morgan for more information at chrissings[AT]

Other Information: Youth Activities will be coordinated by Mistress Tatiana Ivanovna Birchwood Keep. Please contact her at crbosworth[AT]

Disabilities Coordinator: Any questions or request for assistance regarding access for the site, including disabilities parking information can be addressed to our disabilities coordinator, Baron Gabrell Fairclaugh at gabrellfairclaugh[AT]

New to Lochmere: Our chatelain, Lady Alyce de Glaize will be available to answer questions and show you around. We will also have our gold key available for those in need of garb for the day. Please contact her in advance to ensure we have the correct size garb on hand: jhamilton5525[AT]

Autocrat’s Information: Mistress Medb ingen Brain (Lynda Assur) 1225 Johnson Drive, Shady Side, MD 20764, Phone , E-mail: medbingenbrain[AT] and Mistress Avice Claremond (Theresa Straut), 1961 Barley Rd, Marriottsville, MD 21104, Phone: (240) 463-4689, E-mail: avice.claremond[AT]

Reservations: Mistress Arianna Morgan (Chris Stuermer) at chrissings[AT] 405 Arundel Road Tracy’s Landing MD 20779 Directions:

From the West: Take the best route to MD-32 to I- 97 South. From I-97 take Exit 5, MD- 178/Crownsville. At the light, continue straight on MD-178 South for approx 1.8 miles. At the light turn right onto Crownsville Road. Continue approx. 1 mile and turn right onto Hawkins Road (there is a sign for Elks Camp Barrett). Continue for approx. 1.8 miles. At bottom of hill, go thru the stop sign to enter the camp.

From the North: Take the best route to I-97 South to Exit 5 and follow directions above for those coming west.

From the South: From the Beltway (I- 495), take exit 19A US-50 East to exit 23 MD-450/Parole. Take MD-450 West and turn left at the light in front of Annapolis Mall (still MD-450). Continue approx 2 miles. Turn right at the light onto Crownsville Road. After 0.5 miles there will be a blue sign for Elks Camp Barrett. Take a left onto Chesterfield Road and go approx 1.4 miles. The camp will be on your left