Midwinter’s Revel 2022

Henry, the eight of his name has gathered his most trusted friends, advisors, and admirers to join him at court for a Holiday Celebration Huzzah!

To indulge the Lion of England’s pleasure, each of his wives will be in attendance. The women who stood by Henry’s side will be stirred to revel in memories as the Kings favorite and bear the sorrow of his fickle whim; recalling the gambles that shackled their fate.

Games, competitions of arts and science, music, song, and knowledge will be shared. Partake of Henry’s favorite sport, a tournament of joust. Invoking the spirit of chivalry and win renown while guiding a horse and a lance down the tilt and try to unhorse your opponent. Show your finest efforts and creativity – may your craft win the favor of the King himself. Trade baubles and treasures with those assembled to see who is the most clever and thrifty of Henry’s guests. Fetch your instrument and warm your voice to make song. We request your musical talent to bring joy and harmony to the revel. 

In hopes to complete the day with a culinary jewel, a marvelous feast has been fashioned to quench the appetite of Henry himself.  The days law shall be honored regarding the repast.

Please join the Barony of Lochmere in a day full of fun and friendship in the court of Henry the 8th!

Event Webpage: https://katlaflokadottir.home.blog/henry-viiis-holiday-huzzah/
Facebook Event: https://fb.me/e/1DGuKVRgd