Order of the Blasted Oak

The Order of the Blasted Oak

Ermine, a tree blasted and eradicated and a chief wavy within a bordure sable

The strength of Lochmere springs from the support given it by the populace. It is like an ancient oak, with branches striving ever upward, a strong supportive trunk & roots anchored firmly in the earth. Every gentle is essential to the wellbeing of the Barony, but there are those who, through selfless sacrifice and continuing contributions merit special recognition. With this in mind we hereby induct these individuals into the Order of the Blasted Oak.

Unknown Precedence

The following individuals were inducted into the Order on unknown dates. The Webminister gladly welcomes any information as to when these awards were bestowed and will also happily inform the Clerk of Precedence of the Kingdom Atlantia as well.

By Order of Precedence

In Alphabetical Order