First Course – Appetizers

Bread with herb butter (vegetarian)*

Pea Soup (vegetarian)

Lettuce served with an herb vinaigrette (vegetarian)

Landjäger (dried sausage)

Assorted Cheeses (vegetarian)

Pickled Cucumber and Onions (vegetarian)

Honey Mustard (vegetarian)

Second Course – Main Meal

Chicken Pie

Knockwurst and Bauernwurst

Rice from Greece (vegetarian)

Roasted Root Vegetables (vegetarian)

Cabbage (vegetarian)

Third Course – Dessert

White Mush (Bread Pudding) (vegetarian)

Cherry Sauce (vegetarian)

Assorted Fresh Fruit (vegetarian)

Assorted Nuts (vegetarian)

Hildegard’s Juniper Elixir and water will be served alongside the meal

*I understand that vegetarian means no meat and fish, but to allow both eggs and dairy. If you have questions about the ingredients used please ask Lady Katla Flókadóttir.