Autocrat:  Baroness Avice Claremond:  avice.claremond[AT]

Marshal in Charge:  Master Brian de Moray: bmc[AT]

Thrown Weapons and Archery:
Dame Dealla Cohen: dealla[AT]
Master Kryss Kostarev: lthrgryphn[AT]

Stone Putt:  Syr Christian Darmody: clintdarby[AT]

MoL: Baroness Genevieve Dampier de la Marche: k_kalbaugh[AT]

Arts and Sciences: Baroness Greer Jonsdottir: ladygriffinhowe[AT]

Singing Competition and Lochmart: Mistress Arianna Morgan: chrissings[AT]

Feast:  Lady Katla Flokadottir: katlaflokadottir[AT]

Merchants: Countess Aryanna Hawkyns: countessaryanna[AT]

Youth Activities:  Lady Scholastica Joycors: totallystories[AT]

Reservations: Lady Brynhildr Grimkellsdottir: bryn1240[AT]

Newcomers: Lady Anne d’Evreux: anne.devreux[AT]

Disabilities Coordinator: Baron Gabrell Fairclaugh: gabrellfairclaugh[AT]

Royal Liaison: Baroness Sarra de Vicenza: baroness[AT]