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Announcements of updates to the website or the webminister’s report.

Do You Want to Be a Webminister?

Greetings all,

As I announced back in September, I am stepping down as Webminister after Mid-Winter’s. I no longer have the time to dedicate to running our website. If you are interested in stepping up as Webminister, here are the things you need to know.

First and foremost you should know how to use our website. If you have not already, you should register for the website. The site is mostly automated, but you cannot maintain it (easily) without editor privileges. Beyond that, click around and navigate the site yourself. Try to get an understanding of the logic of the site. You will be free to change that logic when it’s your turn, after all.

The second requirement is like unto the first: you need to know how to use WordPress. The nice thing about WordPress is there is a ton of information on how to get the most out of it on the internet. The most important resource is the WordPress Codex. If you ever need an answer quickly, doing a search on your search engine of choice or on YouTube can be very helpful.
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January Webminister Report

Full Report — Barony of Lochmere Webminister Report – Dec 2013

This month in the Lochmere Webministry, I have a volunteer for emergency website deputy and I have done a major overhaul on the website. The full report contains full details on the new features and purposes of our website, our social media presence, and the beginnings of a plan for a social media initiative.
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December Webminister’s Report


We had 215 visits to the site this month, 163 of them unique. Top referrers are:

  1. Direct (typing in the address manually or via bookmark)
  2. Google
  3. Atlantia
  4. The Acorn
  5. The SCA

A fuller sampling of our analytics may be found in this PDF: Lochmere Website Analytics – November 2012. Interestingly (to me), the most frequently used screen resolution is that of the iPhone.

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Website News

Officer Positions Available

Some time back, I advertised on the list about several offices being available in the Webministry as we try to move from being website maintenance and design only to moderators of a Lochmere internet presence. These are the offices I mentioned:

  • Social Media Officer: Will assist with the operation of Lochmere’s social media tools including (at present): The Lochmere News feed, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Video Officer: Will edit and prepare video media for the Lochmere YouTubefeed.
  • Graphic Design Officer: Is Responsible for creating artwork for the Lochmere website, social media presence, and/or The Dredgings in conjunction with the needs of the respective officers.

I also need a Website Deputy, which is basically at this point someone who knows XHTML and how to use WordPressexternal link. Someone who knows how to make websites look good on smartphones would be a plus, as that is my lingering project. Expect gratitude from only me.

Once again, the Webministry is (ideally) not like other offices. It works best with a team of individuals with strengths in different areas. Being a ‘deputy’ in the Webministry does not make you my underling as much as my partner.

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Night under the Town pictures online

The pictures I have from Night under the Town are now available: Night under the Town Photo Album.

There are currently only 5 pictures in the album because I was a bit more busy with video and plotting dastardly heraldic surprises. If you would like to submit photos for use on the website, please e-mail me at Webminister (at) Lochmere (dot) Atlantia (dot) SCA (dot) org. I will work out the details with you.


Website Renovations ‘Complete’

The first round of website renovations is complete. By first round, I mean everything I was planning to take care of that didn’t involve the mobile version (which is a continuing thorn). I believe you’ll find a fairly pleasing sample on the redone Officers page. Continue reading


We have photos!

At long last, dear friends, I’ve found a photo album tool that I like and that doesn’t break the site! It’s the little things that count. You can view our photo albums by clicking the Photos link above and selecting the album.

Right now we only have one album, Midwinter’s 2012, but that will, of course, change over time. If you have any photos from Midwinter’s (or any other event with a date you can supply) and I have your release forms then feel free to send them to me by e-mail. I will also be bringing release forms with me to the Business Meeting on Monday night or you can go ahead and print one up from our Documents page.

If you don’t see your picture above and I have a release form for you, then I don’t have a picture of you or I do but other people in it have refused permission.


State of the Website – July 2011

The website is up-to-date as far as I know. This does not include pages being created for everyone in our OP, but it does include correct information (not images) for everyone who has a page.

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Website Updates – 28 June 2011

Greetings all. What follows are the updates made to the site this morning. The biggest update is that the preliminary versions of the Barony of Lochmere Website Handbook are available from our Documents page.
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