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Uploads of the Lochmere monthly newsletter to the website.

December 2014 – The Dredgings

December 2014_The Dredgings

A Baronial holiday message, your invitation to the upcoming Feast of St Brigit as well as the menu and recent business meeting notes are included in this issue.


October 2014 Dredgings

The Dredgings – October 2014

A letter to the populace by the new Baron & Baroness of Lochmere and a wonderful article on the making of the new Lochmere Coronets by Baron Kryss are included in this issue.


September Dredgings

On behalf of the Chronicler, I am uploading the September edition of The Dredgings featuring a letter to the populace from Baron Galmr and Baroness Eydís.


August 2014 Dredgings

This month in the Dredgings, an article by Mistress Arianna Morgan, business meeting notes and upcoming events are included in this issue.



The March Dredgings

The Dredgings – March 2014

In this issue: pictures from Dame Dealla Cohen’s elevation at Midwinter’s Revel; Book Bindings from the Gilded Age; The Dying Gaul: An Ancient Roman Masterpieces from the Capitoline Museum, Rome; Business Meeting Notes and Event Announcements.