The Acorn Online

For those who haven’t received your latest issue of The Acorn (or even for those who have), beginning with the March 2012 issue, The Acorn is available online. If you try to follow the link in The Acorn, they missed a letter. The address is You can access The Acorn by signing in using …

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SCA Census Results

The results of the SCA survey linked to last year have been published. You may view the results and the SCA’s plan for this census here: SCA, Inc. | 2010 Census.


The Known World Handbook

The Known World Handbook is available now! The perfect SCA gift, just in time for the holidays. Whether you are a newcomer or a peer, the Known World Handbook is THE quintessential, must-have compendium for anyone interested or already taking part in the SCA. This new edition has been reworked from the ground up for …

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SCA Census

For those not subscribed to the Merry Rose or the Lochmere List (or those who didn’t bother to check their e-mail), the SCA is doing its own version of the Census (external link will open in new window). Participation is anonymous and not mandatory, but it is encouraged to help the SCA as it makes …

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