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Ransom the Cure

His Royal Highness Amos the Pious posted this to the Atlantia Facebook pageClicking this link will lead to an external site. yesterday.

We will be starting a series of charity tournaments to benefit the American Cancer SocietyClicking this link will lead to an external site. at Coronation this weekend. It is Our wish that these tourneys, called “Ransom the Cure” Charity Tournaments, will be held at each Atlantian Royal progress event.

Cancer has affected most of us in some way even if you have only known a friend or had a family member who has battled cancer you know the importance of this cause. Finding a cure is one of the most important battles that we face today and together we can help win that battle.

Each “Ransom the Cure” tournament will run separate from the regularly scheduled events so that once a fighter is removed from the main tournament they can join the charity tournament at any time. It will be run bear-pit style but each fighter only has one “life”. Once defeated, the fighter is considered captured and can only rejoin the tournament once they have been ransomed. Ransoms can be paid by the fighter or any sponsor may pay a fighter’s ransom by making a donation ($1 recommeded). The ransom monies will be separated by the fighter who won them and at the end of the day the person who has raised the most ransoms will be named the victor of the tournament and win a prize to commemorate their deeds for this noble cause.

I know that the noble populace of Atlantia has it in their hearts to support this cause and give a little somthing to ransom your favorite warrior and that the warriors of Atlantia have the strength to do great deeds of prowess to help earn ransoms. Atlantia has proven time and again that together there is nothing that can stop us.

Pax Vobiscum
– Amos, Princeps

As His Royal Highness said, all of us have known someone who has been affected by cancer at some point. Here in our own Barony, we have recently seen members of our populace fight this battle. If you are planning to go to a Royal Progress event, please consider bringing a little something extra to help the cause.

To find out about upcoming Royal Progress events, see the Kingdom of Atlantia Calendar.


Vivant TRH Vlad and Kalisa!

Vivant to the new Royal Heirs, our own Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov and Kalisa Aleksandrovna, Prince and Princess of Atlantia!


Royal Court Report – Night Under the Town

Señor Santiago Ruiz de Zaragoza
Unto Their Royal Majesties, Cuán MacDaige and Pádraigín Ó hEachach,

Most High and Mighty Sovereigns,

In obedience to Your Majesties’ commands, herein begins my account of the Courts of Your Royal Majesties held this 31st day of March, Anno Societatis XLVI, being the Gregorian year 2012, in the Barony of Lochmere at the event Night under the Town.

In the evening, His Majesty conducted court. After greeting the populace and causing the sun to shine upon the faces of the populace, His Majesty gave leave to Lochmere to conduct Baronial Court. Your Majesties may surely find the business of Their Excellencies’ Court in the report belonging to Lady Máire inghean Dhúncháin mhic Oisdealbhaigh, Pursuivant, who heralded for Their Excellencies.

When Your Majesties’ Court resumed, His Majesty bid the newcomers stand that He may greet them.

His Majesty next commanded the presence of Lady Caitilín inghean Fheichín from the Barony of Ponte Alto. For her bravery on the field at Gulf Wars, Lady Caitilín was awarded a Shark’s Tooth.

Next, His Majesty summoned Annalee of Lochmere. His Majesty graciously thanked Annalee for her service and dedication to the arts, and raised her to the nobility of Lochmere, awarding her arms and giving her a token as promise of a scroll.

His Majesty then commanded the presence of Master Áedán Aylwyn. When Master Áedán had taken his place, His Majesty summoned Lord Matheu Herrero de Cádiz. After relating the feats of bravery accomplished by Lord Matheu and Master Áedán at Gulf Wars, His Majesty award Lord Matheu a Shark’s Tooth through Master Áedán.

His Majesty next summoned James of Lochmere, better known as James the Well-Accessorized or James the Accessory. Dismissing the notion that He had summoned James for his finery, His Majesty commended James for his willing service by raising him to the ranks of the nobility, awarding him arms and giving a token as promise of a scroll.

Next His Majesty summoned Gwen of Lochmere. His Majesty made note of Gwen’s service both in Atlantia and in her previous Kingdom, and raised her to the nobility, awarding her arms.

Lastly, His Majesty commanded the presence of Lady Máire inghean Dhúncháin mhic Oisdealbhaigh. For her consistent willingness to teach the arts, Lady Máire was inducted into the Order of the Coral Branch.

Having completed all business possible at that time, thus closed the evening Court of Your Royal Majesties.

During the feast, when the populace was well-sated and the award recipients were unable to escape His Majesty’s radiance, His Majesty did hold court again. His Majesty first commanded the presence of Lord Vels Inn Viggladi. For his dedication to the art of woodworking, Lord Vels was made a Companion of the Coral Branch.

His Majesty next invited Frau Annalies Gabriels and Brandi of Lochmere before Him. He gave leave to them to conduct business in His Presence. Frau Annalies and Brandi requested the presence of Arglwyddes Saige ferch Cedwyn upon whom they bestowed the award given them for their service to the Lochmere Assassins Guild.

Then His Majesty commanded the presence of Armegardj Sigirdsdottir. His Majesty commended Armegardj and noted that it would only be fitting to her new station as Lochmere’s Rapier Champion that she be awarded arms and raised to the nobility of Atlantia.

At that point, His Majesty summoned the cooks of the evening’s feast into His Presence. Once all were present, His Majesty thanked the cooks and all who served in the kitchen and bid the populace drink a health to them.

The last order of business for the evening was to summon Baroness Dealla Cohen into Court. His Majesty officially installed Baroness Dealla as Deputy Earl Marshal for Thrown Weapons.

All Royal business having been completed, thus closed the Court of Their Royal Majesties.

I beg Your Majesties to hold me ever in Your protection; and I remain, praying our Lord God for Your Majesties’ lives and the increase of much greater States,

Your Servant,
Señor Santiago Ruiz de Zaragoza, Cornet


The Acorn Online

For those who haven’t received your latest issue of The Acorn (or even for those who have), beginning with the March 2012 issue, The Acorn is available online. If you try to follow the link in The Acorn, they missed a letter. The address is

You can access The Acorn by signing in using your membership number as your username and “start” (without quotes) as a temporary password. You are strongly encouraged to change your password as soon as possible.

For those interested in receiving only electronic copies, you can opt out of paper copies by filling out the following form.

Membership is required to access The Acorn online. If you aren’t a member yet, now is a great time to sign up at The SCA Website.


Atlantia’s Heirs

News has traveled from the Barony of Tir-y-Don. The winners of Crown Tournament and Royal Heirs are Prince Bryan of Sacred Stone and Princess Brianna O Duinn.

Vivant to Their Royal Highnesses!

Vivat Atlantia!


Vivant to TRH

The results have been determined from Crown Tournament. Their Royal Majesties, Bryan and Brianna, have selected Michael of Bedford and Seonaid ní Fhionn as Their Heirs.

Vivant to Their Royal Highnesses and vivat Atlantia!


Message from Their Royal Highnesses

Greetings unto the Populace of Fair Atlantia from Bryan and Brianna, Prince
and Princess!

Many of you will be receiving your Acorns about this time and may note that
there is no letter from Us within it’s pages. In Our rush to prepare for
Pennsic War, We let the deadline slip right by. We would appreciate it
greatly if you would pass these words on to others who may not be on this
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