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Advertisements for upcoming Lochmere events.

Mid-Winter’s Revel Flyer

The event flyer for Mid-Winter’s Revel: the Feast of Saint Brigit is now available.

Mid-Winter’s Eve has come and gone, and the days have slowly begun to grow longer again. With joy in their hearts and warmth in their hearths, the citizens of Lochmere open their homes to travelers from near and far to celebrate the coming of Spring. This year we celebrate the Irish-themed Feast of Saint Brigit of Kildare, or Imbolc for the Gaelically inclined. (Read More…)


Announcing Night on the Town 2014

My Lords and Ladies,

Mid-Winter Revel has come and gone. On behalf of Their Excellencies, Galmr and Eydís, and the autocrat, Lord Segehart Leutmericz, it is my pleasure to announce Night on the Town 2014.

The year is 1604 and there is a special spring fayre planned in the town of Smeewick. The harsh winter has abated early and the people have come out of hiding to celebrate before hitting the fields for more earnest work. The anxious young children are eager to play and even the adults have plans to knock off some winter rust and show their skill with the sword and bow. Join us in celebration of the town’s good fortune and hopes for a prosperous year.

The Barony of Lochmere presents Night on the Town 2014


Mid-Winter Revel 2014

My Lords and Ladies,

In accordance with the wishes of my most merciful mistresses, I have posted the flyer for Mid-Winter Revel 2014—A Journey along the Silk Road.

Heed the call of the marketplace! The sweet smells of spice and incense, cinnamon and turmeric mingling with frankincense and myrrh; scarlet, saffron and indigo fabrics surrounded by copper and brass; the music of the qānūn, oud, sheng, and koto fills the air….

Join us in a Journey along the Silk Road from Kyushu to Samarkand to Constantinople. Spend a day filled with music, dancing, feasting, and classes.

The Barony of Lochmere presents…

Mid-Winter Revel 2014—A Journey along the Silk Road! (Read more)


Battle on the Bay Event Flyer

I have posted the flyer for Battle on the Bay: Storvik & Lochmere Baronial Birthdays Celebration.

Please be aware of the following limitations: I’m waiting on permission to publish contact information for certain individuals (including any information on the autocrat). In the same vein, the link to ACCEPS will take you to the Atlantia page of ACCEPS, but as of 10 July 2012 this event is not yet listed. Please bookmark the flyer or return to it on occasion for more information including the opening of ACCEPS.


Fighting at Night under the Town

Do you like fighting? I like fighting. If you like rapier fighting you probably should come to Lochmere’s Night Under the Town, March 30th at Elks Camp Barrett.

Symone de la Rochelle and I have a very busy day planned for you. Continue reading


Night on the Town XI

The flyer for Night on the Town XI has been posted here. I have also uploaded a printable portable document format (PDF) version here.