Midwinter’s Revel Royal Court Report

Report for the court of Vladimir and Kalisa, Tsar and Tsaritsa of Atlantia, at the Barony of Lochmere’s Midwinters Revel.


Baronial Court Report – Night under the Town

Unto Their Majesties, Cuán and Pádraigin, King and Queen of Atlantia; unto Their Excellencies, Galmr Ingolfsson and Eydís Herjolfrsdóttir, Baron and Baroness of Lochmere, and unto Triton Principal Herald also, greetings. With the gracious consent of His Most Atlantian Majesty, Cuán, King of Atlantia, Their Excellencies of Lochmere held a baronial court on the afternoon …

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Royal Court Report – Night Under the Town

Señor Santiago Ruiz de Zaragoza Unto Their Royal Majesties, Cuán MacDaige and Pádraigín Ó hEachach, Most High and Mighty Sovereigns, In obedience to Your Majesties’ commands, herein begins my account of the Courts of Your Royal Majesties held this 31st day of March, Anno Societatis XLVI, being the Gregorian year 2012, in the Barony of …

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Pennsic XXXIX Court

Let it be known that on the eighth day of August, A.S. XLV, Their Excellencies Lochmere Margery and Dominick did in Their encampment at Pennsic War hold court, where They did bestow upon Lady Saige ferch Cedwyn and Lady Avice Claremond Their Award of Excellence!