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Announcements specific to the Barony of Lochmere.

May 2015 – The Dredgings

May 2015_The Dredgings

A Spring message from the Baron and Baroness, the Herald’s report for Night on the Piazza and the April business meeting notes are included in this issue.


March 2015 – The Dredgings

A Baronial message to the Populace, the Event Report for Mid-Winters (Feast of St Brigit), Lochmeri Awards and the February business meeting notes are included in this issue.



February 2015 – The Dredgings

February 2015 The Dredgings

The Baronial progress, a few pictures from our most recent event, Mid-Winters Revel ~ Feast of St Brigit, January business meeting notes and the Herald’s report are included in this issue.


January 2015 – The Dredgings

January 2015 The Dredgings

A Baronial message and progress, your invitation to the upcoming Feast of St Brigit as well as the menu and recent business meeting notes are included in this issue


Do You Want to Be a Webminister?

Greetings all,

As I announced back in September, I am stepping down as Webminister after Mid-Winter’s. I no longer have the time to dedicate to running our website. If you are interested in stepping up as Webminister, here are the things you need to know.

First and foremost you should know how to use our website. If you have not already, you should register for the website. The site is mostly automated, but you cannot maintain it (easily) without editor privileges. Beyond that, click around and navigate the site yourself. Try to get an understanding of the logic of the site. You will be free to change that logic when it’s your turn, after all.

The second requirement is like unto the first: you need to know how to use WordPress. The nice thing about WordPress is there is a ton of information on how to get the most out of it on the internet. The most important resource is the WordPress Codex. If you ever need an answer quickly, doing a search on your search engine of choice or on YouTube can be very helpful.
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October 2014 Dredgings

The Dredgings – October 2014

A letter to the populace by the new Baron & Baroness of Lochmere and a wonderful article on the making of the new Lochmere Coronets by Baron Kryss are included in this issue.


July 2014 The Dredgings

In this issue: Letter of Intent for the next Baron & Baroness of Lochmere, Lochmere Business Meeting Notes & Calendar of Events

July 2014 The Dredgings


June 2014 Dredgings

June 2014 The Dredgings

This month Ruby Joust poetry winner and photos, business meeting notes, activities calendar, and upcoming events