Website redesign is under way!

You’ve probably noticed a different look to our website. I’ve been doing some work in the background, pulling off pages for events that were several years old (don’t worry, I’m saving copies of everything). I still have a lot more to do, but Job #1 has been weeding out old material so the current and …

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Website News

Officer Positions Available Some time back, I advertised on the list about several offices being available in the Webministry as we try to move from being website maintenance and design only to moderators of a Lochmere internet presence. These are the offices I mentioned: Social Media Officer: Will assist with the operation of Lochmere’s social …

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State of the Website – July 2011

The website is up-to-date as far as I know. This does not include pages being created for everyone in our OP, but it does include correct information (not images) for everyone who has a page. There is more information on changes made since my last post after the jump.